wise là gì

I never used to lớn save money but now I'm a little older and wiser I can see the point of it.

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Từ điển kể từ đồng nghĩa: những kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, trái ngược nghĩa, và những ví dụ

 wise to lớn something informal

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

Bạn cũng hoàn toàn có thể mò mẫm những kể từ tương quan, những cụm kể từ và kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan trong những chủ thể này:

Các trở thành ngữ

-wise suffix (IN THIS WAY)

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

-wise suffix (RELATING TO)

What shall we vì thế food-wise - vì thế you fancy going out to lớn eat?

Money-wise, of course, I'm much better off kêu ca I used to lớn be.

What vì thế we need to lớn take with us clothes-wise?

SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

(Định nghĩa của wise kể từ Từ điển & Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan Cambridge giành riêng cho Người học tập Nâng cao © Cambridge University Press)

Các ví dụ của wise


We thought it wise to lớn elect leaders in different places.

Still, the couple deemed it wise to lớn vì thế sánh, possibly anticipating future problems.

It is analogous to lớn traffic laws inasmuch as it restricts people in general from doing things they other wise might.

In vain would they assemble for this purpose the wisest statisticians, the most expert merchants, the most skilled manufacturers, and the ablest administrators.

Many, fearful of hunger and evictions and distrustful of national leaders, saw the wisest action to lớn be to lớn avoid the strike and union.

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For only without such constraints could these men interact as one wise, collective voice for the nation.

Creative and wise people : similarities, differences, and how they develop.

Thwarting permanent human interests is not a wise political strategy.

Before the act is over, the masses have become a people, under the leadership of a strong but compassionate and wise ruler.

These wise men hold the positions of leadership and govern the country.

We, at least some of us, are wise, powerful and good.

A king wishes to lớn determine which of his three wise men is the wisest.

Once clones are evaluated on a standard rootstock, it would be wise to lớn use this rootstock for commercial plantings.

And here was a character, both innocent and wise, both leisured and mentally active, who could stand as an example for all.

This work echoes ancient approaches to lớn practice-oriented forms of wisdom, and has seen thought, feeling, morality and experience as combined in wise discourse and decisions.

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