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The asymmetrical pattern, where high vowels follow nonhigh vowels, is worth additional discussion.

His spellings give clear evidence of the variation in his own speech, with raised, unraised and even lowered equivalents of the short front vowels.

To adopt such an idea would simplify the teaching of the vowels đồ sộ learners, since you could absorb these so-called diphthongs into the simple system.

They are words that have partial or complete reduplication of consonants and\or vowels and tự not contain any consonant clusters.

Target syllables with short vowels represented 42 % of the total number of closed target syllables.

If there was no identifiable release burst, the low amplitude cyclic pattern occurring between the stop's preceding and following vowels was measured.

There were no differences in high-front, high-back, and mid-back vowels.

Superfluous vowels were ignored in this scoring system.

Production of full vowels represents feature number (1) but neither (2) nor (3).

Very frequently, these little words are attached as clitics đồ sộ the preceding or following word, which makes them phonetically indistinguishable from epenthetic vowels.

Hence, we decided đồ sộ categorize all instances of extra vowels at the kết thúc of a noun as ambiguous.

We refer mainly đồ sộ vowels in monosyllabic words but extend the discussion đồ sộ disyllabic words later on.

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We, thus, leave open whether long and short vowels are represented differently at this earliest stage.

Target words containing short vowels and /l/ codas were produced as open syllables with diphthongs.

The younger talkers tended đồ sộ produce vowels that showed the length contrast less clearly kêu ca the older talkers.

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Các cụm kể từ với vowel

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với vowel.

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front vowel

Many readers will no doubt wonder if */x/ can also precede a front vowel.

lax vowel

In particular, the analysis cannot in itself explain why there is vowel insertion after stops following a lax vowel.

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long vowel

As a result, the reduplicant contains a long vowel on the surface.

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