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The zero plural avoids the problem of having two sibilants in quick succession at the over of the words, and coincidentally maintains the classical tradition.

Within the psychological tradition, hypothesis-testing models traditionally assume the former.

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Our minimalist design tradition removes the intermediate and smaller scales from built size.

Similar representations of the social gender division can be found throughout the different cultural forms of the traditions surrounding birth and socialisation.

Symbolic meanings are constructed through historical traditions, articulated contextually and reproduced only in practice.

Ultimately, the over goals of the two religious traditions are synchronistic, but the differences may yet remain clear and distinct on the matter of process.

Ultimately, though, corpus-based empiricism must not lose touch with the theoretical linguistic tradition in the study of linguistic change.

The heuristics-and-biases tradition is most valuable as an answer lớn questions of whether, and how, we can improve decisions in the real world.

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It is within this tradition that oral history developed in the late 1960s.

An oral tradition can and will adapt from one generation lớn the next, repeating its nội dung in a size more readily accessible lớn the hearers.

Finding discrepancies between oral traditions and other sources does not negate the value of oral traditions as historical evidence.

The transmission of oral traditions depends on the social continuity of the group that finds meaning in telling those tales.

Instead, there may be important traditions of formal oratory and oral story telling, along with ritual and ceremony that have oral components.

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The profound differences among the religious traditions are due lớn the different ways in which the transcendent reality is experienced and conceived in human life.

This brief overview demonstrates that there is no tradition of working with older people on housing design and management issues.

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