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We may also, however, justly assume that death is not life's simple opposite, or its necessary terminus, but rather its completion.

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Causeways are indicated by the diagonal lines that cross the regularized blocks; major termini are labeled with their respective names.

From this university đô thị, major fishing and oil port, and railway terminus, radiate the region's lines of communication by land, sea and air.

If the sự kiện has a terminus, it also has a path, either implicit or overt. iii.

The terminus causes the sự kiện to tát be delimited. ii.

This is the ultimate terminus of the constructivist orientation within neoliberalism.

None of the three inner ring termini appears to tát have served a residential function.

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Dipoles localized at helix termini of proteins stabilize charges.

Ceramic accordance between structures at the termini and settlements on terra firma would be helpful.

Double-labeling for actin and phosphotyrosine showed typical focal adhesions at stress fiber termini (data not shown).

The relatively larger numbers of structures in residential plazas in close proximity to tát the causeway termini may reflect their success as distribution nodes.

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