temporary là gì

As temporary workers they could learn their tasks and adapt vĩ đại the demands of work discipline.

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Or were they a temporary moment, which may have had some consequences, but which ultimately did not drastically impact upon the process of change?

Interestingly, when these expectations make agents coordinate into another equilibrium path, temporary shocks have permanent effects and cause hysteresis.

The homes are designed so sánh that disabilities, which may be permanent or temporary, can be catered for.

It is important vĩ đại note that both pregnancy and oral contraceptive use were included as temporary risk factors in this study.

Thus, in order vĩ đại establish and solidify a shared standard of conduct, repeated efforts were made vĩ đại influence disunited minds simply vĩ đại get temporary unity.

I think of it as a temporary storage.

For many individuals, income fluctuations may be dominated by individualspecific, temporary influences.

Besides, given that the ordinance had been enacted as a temporary security measure, it should only be invoked with great caution.

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This pronounced temporary drop correlates with a high incidence of invasive disease caused by encapsulated bacteria.

However, in so sánh far as nominal rigidities hamper market adjustments, fiscal policy measures can alleviate temporary country-specific disequilibria.

These delays are temporary and should not have a significant effect on quality of treatment.

Its use symbolically implied and substantially meant that authority granted the federal government vĩ đại coordinate industrial production would be temporary and business-friendly.

If action plans are lượt thích object files and thus are formed by the temporary binding of action-feature codes, one would similar effects.

This is largely an act of performance-limited vĩ đại surface level deployment of linguistic codes vĩ đại convey temporary identities and messages.

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