tai nghe tiếng anh là gì

After completing this task, they put on the headphones.

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Both caregiver and experimenter wear sealed headphones and listen lớn masking music during the course of the experiment.

The stimuli were played lớn the listeners through headphones as they sat alone in a quiet room.

They heard these sentences over headphones in blocks of 40.

Now, more and more, pupils are working either in pairs or as individuals, each with a workstation and a mix of headphones.

Both experimenter and caregiver wore headphones playing scrambled versions of the stimuli, which effectively mask the actual stimuli delivered lớn the infant.

Upon entering the exhibit, however, we were each handed a mix of headphones for the state-of-the-art audio tour.

A subclavicular ground was used instead of mastoid or earlobe leads since the subjects wore headphones during the recording.

In another piece the performer has lớn try re-creating the sounds emanating from a computer which only he hears on headphones.

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Headphones could not be used, because of the possible need for warning shouts at a hazardous place of work.

One reason for this is that it is possible lớn use headphones in reproduction.

A rendered scene can be reproduced either with loudspeakers or with headphones.

The sentences were presented over headphones in six randomized blocks, with each block containing all participants' renditions of the same sentence.

Each judge performed the ratings at their workplaces with the use of a high-quality recorder and a pair of headphones.

An example is when you hear a sound inside your head when you listen lớn music through stereo headphones.

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