sway là gì

As a taped musician crooned a tune about love and the beauties of nature, the puppet swayed and gesticulated with realistic grace.

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The investigators speculated that the latter's preferences were based on stable habits that were not as easily swayed by the framing manipulations (10).

What is fitting, then, is what moves, convinces, or sways an audience.

The computer interprets the sounds received from the three swaying microphones and responds by playing new notes over the three speakers.

Women are often said đồ sộ be more swayed by their emotions, although solid scholarly research is scarce on the point at best.

The rejection of the regime and the dynamics of the opposition certainly played a part, but less ví than thở the swaying power of the towns.

The use of body toàn thân tương tác such as patting, rocking, stroking, walking and swaying in tempo with their singing was demonstrated.

After pinch-off of the main drop, the filament that remains sways, while elastically retracting back into the orifice, as shown in frames (d) and (e).

The remaining five, however, appears đồ sộ have been swayed by one reason above all - domestic politics.

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How could he really have been suddenly swayed at that meeting, there were ví many different opinions expressed there.

Interestingly, the judgements of one group of children were swayed during the task.

After some discussion, the abscission lobby swayed the decision for the name of the compound in its favour; dormin lost the first round.

Any time only one voice is heard the potential for swaying others based on bias rather than thở well-articulated and full argumentation is a disturbing possibility.

If the incumbent wants đồ sộ win extra voters in the current election, she has đồ sộ win voters who were not swayed by the incumbent in the previous election.

To ensure judicial impartiality the system needs đồ sộ minimise the dangers of judges being swayed or bought by any of the parties involved in a legal dispute.

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