sustainable là gì

The operations are phối up to tát cut timber from 1,000 hectares of rainforest in an ecologically sustainable manner.

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Intensive rotational grazing is an example of a sustainable agricultural practice that takes a systems approach.

As far as the literature on sustainable development is concerned, this tends to tát view economic growth as limited by the finiteness of environmental resources.

Approaches to tát developing sustainable extraction systems for tropical forest products.

If these differing notions of sustainability are to tát have operational consequences, then measures of progress towards sustainable development are required.

Though more costly, the more sustainable option is the use of green manures.

So it is assumed that natural resource use declines during an adjustment process which ends as soon a sustainable resource use is reached.

First, because we should khuyễn mãi giảm giá with resources in a responsible, sustainable manner.

The cost of meeting these standards to tát the industry can be regarded as the cost of environmentally sustainable industrial development.

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With steadily increasing demand for palm oil, the authors suggest that a major opportunity exists for environmentally and socially sustainable expansion of smallholder production.

Finally, productivity must also be considered when comparing agricultural systems, as a farm must be economically, as well as ecologically, sustainable.

The difference in sustainable-equivalent utility between any two comparison economies is just exactly the answer to tát the following standard question of classical static welfare analysis.

Evaluating projects and assessing a sustainable development in imperfect economies.

Macroeconomic adjustments should stimulate sustainable developments rather than vãn furthering unsustainability; where they vì thế lead to tát environmental degradation, compensatory projects might provide a short-term retrofitting option.

With long fallow periods and large areas of undisturbed forests, swidden agriculture does provide a balanced, sustainable system.

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