Survival RPG – The lost treasure adventure – Android Longplay [1080p60fps]

This is the complete unedited android longplay of Survival RPG – The lost treasure adventure (Survival RPG, Survival adventure The lost treasure). First time playing. First recorded on 2/18/2019, and finished on 2/20/2019.

Note: Now this is a hidden gem! Definitely one of the best android RPGs I’ve played! Very good game and highly recommend. Bew Games inc.’s only android game on the GPS.

As of Recording:
Version: 3.2.3
APK Filename: Survival RPG 3.2.3

GPS Site:
Price: Free
Current Version: 3.2.3
Released Date: March 19. 2017
Updated Date: February 9, 2019
Developer/Offered by: Bew Games inc.
Downloads: 10,000+
Overall Rating: 4.3 by 918
Game Type: Role Playing
Survival RPG: The lost treasure is a free classic survival exploration RPG game that combines adventure, escape islands, fantasy in a 2D retro style pixel art universe. All in one game!

On your way to find the lost treasure, you got into a storm, ran aground a deserted island and lost your ship. You must survive, find the lost treasure, escape the island and find a way back home in this addictive free RPG adventure game.

In order to survive and escape the island, the hero will have to explore islands, gather items, craft multiple new ones and fight monsters.

– Exploration of multiple islands
– More than 70 items to discover
– 40 crafting recipes that you will unlock during your adventure and exploration
– Craft tools to help you
– Cut trees with an axe
– Use shovel for different tasks
– Create a candle to see in dark caves
– And many more…
– Discover hidden items
– Fight monsters and the final boss
– Find the lost treasure
– Puzzles to solve
– Classic retro style

Enjoy this free retro rpg and adventure retro game, explore deserted islands, survive and find the treasure! Hours of gameplay and choose your hero to be a boy or a girl character.

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[Info as of 2/20/2019]

Emulator: Nox
Video Recorder: Bandicam
Video Joiner: Avidemux (.mkv output)

All programs used latest as of recording unless specified.


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