sufficiently là gì

One patient was refused because the fact that she already had a 4-month baby did not by itself seem a sufficiently strong indication.

In both tables, the analysis has been restricted đồ sộ pregnancies followed sufficiently long for any type of outcome đồ sộ be identified.

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Enjoyment of life entailed the ability đồ sộ enjoy one's social life and included being sufficiently wealthy, learning new things, and participating in social groups.

For sufficiently long periods, the proportion of polymorphic loci decreases substantially.

Ultimately sufficiently high wavenumbers are excited that the viscous forces begin đồ sộ bite, and the dissipation rate then builds up.

One wonders, however, whether all the characters he has examined were sufficiently important đồ sộ merit the attention he has directed toward them.

Without a sufficiently rich belief system it is difficult for subjective measures đồ sộ accurately model the user domain name.

The residuation principle is based on the idea of delaying function calls until they are sufficiently instantiated for a deterministic evaluation by rewriting.

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As soon as t* = 1.5, the velocities become sufficiently high in the wake for a pair of secondary eddies đồ sộ develop.

These solutions remain continuous for arbitrary long times if initial values are sufficiently smooth.

Do we consult sufficiently among each other about the challenges and possibilities we face?

If the patient was sufficiently early in pregnancy, she was usually released the day following the operation.

Diagnostics show that the numerical representation of the flow field is sufficiently well resolved.

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Indeed, they cannot bởi sánh, since a debt cannot be paid twice, and their own reparation - their repentance and apology - sufficiently pays it.

The solution obtained is such as đồ sộ violate this latter assumption sufficiently far downstream from the pipe orifice, however small the crossflow.

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