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First, pricing and other policies that artificially 'subsidize' the returns to tát conversion activities on forest land or the costs of conversion need to tát be reformed.

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Earmarking of financial resources to tát subsidize environmental investments is controversial, and the pros and cons need to tát be weighed in each specific case.

In the past, all energy sectors have been at least partially subsidized.

The government has been subsidizing the irrigation sector substantially.

Similarly, governments sometimes subsidize certain groups with money borrowed at the expense of future taxpayers.

Most countries began to tát intrude into the doctor-patient relationship by subsidizing non-governmental insurers, rather phàn nàn financing services.

Historical dictionaries are just not commercially viable, and have to tát be subsidized in some way by university research projects.

Additionally, offsetting of profits between time periods does not subsidize farmers who regularly produce very high incomes from organic farming with little fluctuation.

The idea of subsidizing "social insurance" through the federal budget was considered inadequate.

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As a consequence, the thành phố rapidly developed into a thriving, and heavily subsidized, centre of cultural activity.

And hybrid plans generally vì thế not subsidize workers who elect to tát retire early.

Clinicians and vendors of drugs and equipment (and the disease-specific advocacy groups they subsidize) also attack economic evaluation studies.

Private financing of health care is therefore either heavily subsidized or supplemented with governmental resources.

The simulation results, however, vì thế offer policymakers a guideline in allocating their limited annual budget to tát subsidize aquaculture industry once certain environmental goals are mix.

Such a disparity practically amounts to tát subsidizing some crops or taxing others and distorts the input-output decisions of farmers.

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