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Trong giờ Anh, có không ít phân kể từ quá khứ và lúc này của một kể từ hoàn toàn có thể được sử dụng tựa như các tính kể từ. Các ví dụ này hoàn toàn có thể đã cho thấy những tính kể từ dùng.

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In studying the psychological effects of bilingualism, the time and circumstances of individuals' experiences with different languages and sociocultural settings should be carefully examined.

He is a cognitive neuroscientist studying the roles of sleep and dreaming in off-line memory reprocessing, including off-line memory consolidation, transfer, integration, and erasure.

Mathematical model for studying genetic variation in terms of restriction endonucleases.

However, in the case we are studying here, we believe that being underflagging is the essential virtue.

However, the appropriate choice will be clear by studying the examples at the kết thúc of the paper.

As a result, students were often able lớn read and understand texts, but they could not per khuông in the language they were studying.

Analytic model for studying heavy ion imploded cylindrical targets.

Studying capillary discharged plasma is helpful in understanding the principle of laser production and finding the best experimental parameters.

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When studying human behaviour, we are interested in understanding how various individuals negotiate the challenges that they face and mobilise the resources at their disposal.

Studying such pathways may also ultimately help lớn characterize the nature of the genetic interactions resulting in hybrid dysfunction.

More importantly, by studying the subjective experiences of the meaning of music we gain insights into the person's self.

Studying the cost-effectiveness of prevention does raise some special methodologic problems.

There will also be uses for the technique in academic science for studying aging and the mechanisms of development and differentiation.

This section illustrates the value of studying the building in three dimensions.

When change in the phenomena of interest is the object of scientific study, the scientists are said lớn be studying the behavior of the phenomena.

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