story nghĩa là gì

The story soon develops into a truyền thông frenzy.

Her proficiency in different guises is a reoccurring trait that sticks out in the stories told about her.

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The main theme of this story is what is true happiness?

Above the granite base are four stories of white, glazed terra cotta.

He wrote a detective story a week for 40 weeks, among other activities at about age đôi mươi.

We even have some "supergraphics," a controversial type of billboard that overtakes the entire side of multi-story buildings and parking structures.

The tower will allow both students and firefighters to tướng practice skills in response and mitigation of emergency situations in multi-story buildings.

On the 100th to tướng 102nd floors will be a multi-story observation deck.

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Crash is the scene of a helicopter crash in the middle of a thành phố with multi-story buildings.

It contained a caretaker's apartment under a multi-story cast iron water tank.

Although the film has a cliched love-story plot, the film has been appreciated for putting forth love beyond relationship.

He has blended fantasy elements into a historical fiction framework, weaving a love-story into it.

This is an unsual, gripping love-story between two people who have so sánh much to tướng lose by getting into a relationship with each other, yet so sánh much to tướng gain.

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It was a silent love-story (comedy included), which became a great hit.

Throughout history, romantics have constructed elaborate monuments to tướng show just how much they cared -- though the love-story endings weren't always so sánh happy.

Why is it that parents believe that their children are well-disciplined and reject a story telling otherwise?