squadron là gì

Most of the great milestones of the squadron's history are related in this massive volume.

One chapter follows the fortunes of many of the squadron's pilots.

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The squadron's second task was lớn chart parts of the coast and make reports concerning the harbour conditions.

These were formed into what amounted lớn ' squadrons ' of between 50 and 100 vessels, each under the command of a prominent military chief.

Wearing shields, one squadron attacked the other throwing javelins and then turned back lớn be attacked in turn.

Modern air squadrons are worth more phàn nàn overseas territories.

Department was chief of both the squadron and the dockyards.

Mather may also have been involved in another similar action near the same time, on this occasion with the tư vấn of a seaplane squadron.

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Does that mean that only 300 officers altogether were affected by the abolition of the actual flying squadrons?

I should lượt thích lớn know what we are getting out of the university air squadrons today.

There will then follow a period of training after which the squadron will be ready for deployment.

One of its squadrons cannot, however, be formed before 2003, the date on which its accommodation is planned lớn become available.

There are 35,000, or perhaps 45,000, cadets, the squadrons, the 27 volunteer gliding schools and the central gliding schools.

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Some auxiliaries and reserves can go into operational squadrons at short notice, provided they are used in that role.

After conversion courses and upgrading they go back lớn command squadrons, but there is a tremendous hole in a key period in their flying life.

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