spiraling là gì

So, you have a spiral until people realize that those returns are really not maintainable.

Forward flow lines above the vortex were directed upward lớn attach on the superior vessel wall and then spiraled down over the vortex.

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These differences contributed lớn the formation of a great ideological divide that admitted no compromise, and that soon generated a spiral of political violence.

Stationary and drifting spiral waves of excitation in isolated cardiac muscle.

They believe that the phối of cubic spirals has several advantages when used in smoothpath planning, one of which is curvature continuity.

This rest increases the physiological changes occurring in the body toàn thân and the fatigue experienced in a selfperpetuating spiral of increasing fatigue.

The spiral stair-tower is enfolded by these forms, lượt thích an infant in the protective embrace of its parents.

By 1988 the monetary indicators were spiralling out of control.

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The interests of management, faced with spiraling cost of labour, and unions, operating in a labour surplus economy, converged towards a masculinisation of organized labour.

In its shell guise, the spiral usually has small protuberances around the perimeter.

Failed physiological change of the spiral arteries will result in persistence of the muscular layer.

In preeclampsia, an inadequate placental trophoblast invasion of the maternal uterine spiral arteries results in poor placental perfusion, leading lớn placental ischaemia.

Reduced invasion will leave the spiral arteries vasoreactive, and thus more likely lớn undergo spontaneous transient vasoconstriction.

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However, spiralling wage demands, growing unrest and strikes continued.

A violent strategy would have led inevitably lớn spiralling escalation, with the state having the strategic edge at every turn in the foreseeable future.

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