source là gì

Second, they treat the idea of isolating a student's unique composition from the inspiring source materials as unrealistic and futile.

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However, very low frequency waves would be impossible to lớn detect and there is no credible source for detectable waves of very high frequency.

He used these truyền thông media sources to lớn convey an accurate teenage voice, but even more depleted and abbreviated.

Fried was a great lover of legends, often taking these and similar sources for the subjects of his best pictures.

The data sources for a fusion process are not specified to lớn originate from identical sensors.

We often talk about electric rates as if the only thing that goes into determining them is the power source.

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The action needed is making the sun our sole energy power source.

The extended duration was intended to lớn prove that the excess energy was too much to lớn be supplied by a hidden power source.

The xế hộp took them along a railroad eight kilometers (five miles) away to lớn an elevator that ran off a power source unaffected by the shelling.

But to lớn add electrons, you need to lớn inject pressure into your power source, so sánh the electrons shake out and lập cập through the racetrack.

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