sincerely là gì

The author is sincerely grateful vĩ đại an anonymous reviewer for the detailed comments which greatly improved the paper.

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I sincerely hope that his sons become geologists showing the same amount of commitment as their father vĩ đại a task well done.

Any time an official sincerely swears an oath vĩ đại uphold the constitution, she is also engaged in an act of self-constraint.

In the first iteration, they are just voting sincerely.

If their 'second-best' candidates are sánh far apart ideologically from their own ideal point, voters may vote sincerely vĩ đại manifest their protest.

If the lessons of history have been recognized and sincerely repented, we should vì thế better in the future.

Accordingly, the reasons that people are sincerely prepared vĩ đại offer for the opinions and beliefs they hold are not the "real" reasons.

They presented their proposals - sincerely as well as rhetorically - as following and catching up with other major scientific nations.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate the contributions of the patients who participated in this study.

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Now if you sincerely wish vĩ đại be registered as our dependency, we shall be friendly vĩ đại you.

In some cases, they vì thế this quite sincerely, but it then forces cities vĩ đại institute fees on commercial activity.

I sincerely hope should she attain this high office she will see fit vĩ đại take speech lessons beforehand.

The parents can sincerely believe that the experience and unusualness of immortality would be a harm vĩ đại their offspring.

We sincerely hope that present difficulties will be resolved rapidly.

A disregard for anything cannot be more sincerely expressed phàn nàn by a loss of consciousness during its presentation.

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