resignation là gì

resignation noun (JOB)

There have been calls for his resignation.

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SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

resignation noun (ACCEPTING)

Từ điển kể từ đồng nghĩa: những kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, trái ngược nghĩa, và những ví dụ
SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

Bạn cũng hoàn toàn có thể dò xét những kể từ tương quan, những cụm kể từ và kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan trong số chủ thể này:

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resignation | Từ điển Anh Mỹ

resignation noun (LEAVING POSITION)

resignation noun (ACCEPTING DIFFICULTY)

(Định nghĩa của resignation kể từ Từ điển Học thuật Cambridge © Cambridge University Press)

Các ví dụ của resignation


In fact, in both instances the influence of those factors on resignations drives their results for all vacancies.

My officials telephoned a number of local education authorities to tướng ask about the level of teacher resignations.

Statistics of voluntary resignations from the three grades are tabulated as follows.

Many attendances dropped and, needless to tướng say, there have been resignations and gloom.

The question of promotions, therefore, would not be in any way affected by the resignations suggested?

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I have studied very carefully the records of resignations in matters of varying kinds over the last 50 years.

I have no information as to tướng hypothetical resignations.

I have no reason to tướng suppose that there has been an increase in the number of resignations.

The following resignations and appointments have taken place.

Voluntary resignations bởi not include early retirement with an ill-health pension, which is for management to tướng determine.

We bởi not have to tướng look far for the reason for that rapid upsurge in the level of teacher resignations.

The first committee meeting after that date was on the 6th, and at that meeting the resignations were accepted.

We may have been witnessing within the last few weeks, in the resignations to tướng which they were subject, signs of such strain.

All these committees are complete except for three casual vacancies due to tướng death and resignations.

Although they would lượt thích to tướng continue in this work, there are liable to tướng be widespread resignations if this feeling of dissatisfaction persists.

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