remind là gì

Sounds, visual images, and faces remind the players of people or events of the past.

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It helps mạ to lớn think things through systematically and adopt resolve to lớn take action, and it reminds mạ of my own past thinking.

The chapter on plant responses to lớn herbicides reminds the reader that stresses can be anthropogenic.

Still, a public economist would remind us that looking at whether environmental tax swaps increase employment or not tells us nothing about social welfare.

We are reminded that basic values and assessment of excellence are not excluded by a more scientific approach.

They avoid not only environmental stimuli, such as activities, places, and people, but also conversations and covert thoughts that remind them of the trauma.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, because it reminded mạ of why the planetary exploration game is worth it.

Although exiles used numerous strategies - from demonstrations to lớn publications - to lớn remind the world of their case, their influence remains a matter of discussion.

The keywords partes especially is evenly spread out in the treatise, regularly reminding the reader in case they have forgotten.

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Nonetheless, this wonderfully researched and written book triumphs in reminding us that history is more compelling than vãn fiction.

Throughout, we are reminded of the uneven survival and pitfalls of sources, although it remains unclear why certain quantitative statements remain possible and others not.

The chapter reminds us that ' present-mindedness ', while controlled by stricter canons of scholarly propriety, is not foreign to lớn the twentieth-century historian.

Before proceeding any further, therefore, let mạ "remind" you of those events.

The intuitive leaps, plus some delightfully contorted metaphors, remind us too much of this work's genesis in a course of lectures.

All stories are artificial constructions, he seeks to lớn remind us, and never convey the facts to lớn the exception of presuppositions, prejudices and blindspots about ourselves.

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