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Cooperatives address this problem by internalizing transactions characterized by high uncertainty, primarily through their ability đồ sộ practice contingency pricing via patronage refunds, thus offering members some degree of revenue insurance.

Furthermore, if one of the numbers were out of sequence, the unrefundable ticket could not reach the jackpot and can't be refunded and would be worth nothing.

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I see no reason why this tax, which will be refunded quarterly, should affect farming in the way suggested.

About £65,000, including administrative costs incurred sánh far in making refunds, but excluding the costs of the court proceedings, which have yet đồ sộ be settled.

The particulars supplied by local committees bởi not enable bầm đồ sộ give the total amount of the sums ordered đồ sộ be refunded.

The deductions referred đồ sộ, sánh far as they relate đồ sộ arrears of land purchase annuities, are refunded đồ sộ county councils when the arrears are paid.

We decided that the best course would be for claimants neither đồ sộ suffer deductions nor đồ sộ receive refunds of tax.

Over the past four years we have been successful in securing refunds of £2,500 million.

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No such cases have been brought đồ sộ my attention and therefore no refunds of grant for this reason have been requested.

Information on the total cost of export refunds on these sales is not readily available.

The total of such refunds is expected đồ sộ be £9 million.

An unsuccessful applicant is refunded the fee sent with the application.

Understandably, the reports of that meeting were dominated by our budget refunds for 1983.

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Despite that, over the four years we have secured £2,500 million in refunds.

Would he also tell us the cost of refunding the tax?

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