purchase là gì

Alternatively, it may opt vĩ đại approve the purchase of fighter planes, warships or other military commodities throughout all the years of a given business cycle.

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Centralised purchase is being made, as far as possible, from the production centers directly and door delivery of stock is effected vĩ đại the stores.

The album was released in five different versions which included different bonus features depending on where the buyer purchases the album from.

Where the purchased property is not exactly the property resold, the purchase may be taxable.

He appeared vĩ đại have purchased his freedom by money saved from a portion of his earnings.

Add vĩ đại it the purchasing power of the people, which too has gone up.

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The implication is that the purchasing power the consumer will be reduced.

They respond vĩ đại purchasing power, not vĩ đại need, thereby serving the rich.

In the case of gold and silver, they did much more than thở just maintain purchasing power - they showed a profit.

Five of these countries have purchasing power greater than thở $100bn, making them worthy of investors' attention.

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