Proof video: My Alien Laptop!

(Recorded on the 30th August 2015.)

Yo, wuddup’ hommies? FF21 AKA SBB here!

This video was ment to be out on my Birthday, but I ended up losing my charger for my camera, again!
but luckily, my dad just found it lord knows ware in the living room, so thank goodness!

I am now able to upload some proper shiz again. *Phew* So here is a little video showing off my sweet new laptop. For the odd people out there who don’t believe me. Like my friend Cameron for example. He would never believe me if I told him! (I decided not to tell me until I found the charger so I could upload the proof video.) So here it is son! Proof! XD

So yeah, I hope ya’ll like, And stay tuned. :3
until then! ^^



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