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What Is the Difference between "Premise" and "Premises"?

"Premise" and "premises" are easy lớn confuse because the plural of "premise" ("premises") has another meaning.

  • "Premise" is a basis for a theory. For example:
  • "Premises" are land and buildings. For example:
    • The company moved lớn new premises last year.
premise or premises?

More about "Premise" and "Premises"

A "premise" is part of an argument or theory. The plural of "premise" is "premises." This causes confusion because the word "premises" also means land or property.


The noun "premise" is a term in logic that describes a statement considered lớn be true for the purpose of an argument or theory. For example:

premise or premises

The verb "to premise" means lớn presuppose something.

Example sentences with "premise":


The noun "premises" describes a house or a building. It usually refers lớn a building that is occupied by a company or an organization.

Example sentences with "premises":


The plural of the word "premise" is "premises." When you see the word "premises," it should be clear from the context whether it means propositions in an argument or a property.

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