praised là gì

Thus, partial tolerance becomes the perfect alibi for generalized prejudice against the regional varieties and praise of the standard.

Because of this, they only take up facts and events that honor and praise the persons concerned.

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This series is a momentous undertaking, which deserves full recognition and praise, including the volume at hand.

In it, twelve dancers, dressed as twelve princes, danced in imitation of the deities, accompanied by songs in their praise.

Subjects received constant encouragement and praise as well as necessary reminders "to stay alert" during the task.

The first is that their own role in arranging a superb collection, for which they deserve much praise, might go unremarked.

Her image left critics không tính phí to tát praise her: to tát note virility without suggesting that she fitted the usual authorial mould.

These excursions into political and economic theory received equal doses of praise and condemnation from critics and readers.

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Clearly, then, a criticism which aims to tát praise cannot countenance anything in the poem that does not tally with prevailing notions of conventional morality.

Many of the progressive intellectuals did not hesitate to tát praise the post-revolutionary strategy of communal rural development as a truly viable option for peripheral development.

Many of these are humanistic exercises, opportunities to tát display learning and verbal dexterity in addition to tát, often rather kêu ca, sincere praise.

After all, is this not the same chorus that had earlier sung the new royal couple's praises?

This book, which now appears in paperback, has already garlanded much praise, and rightly sánh.

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The populace that had gathered for the feast customarily kept a vigil with praises throughout the entire night.

This is another dedicatory chanson, one that praises a nobleman whose heraldic colours are red and gold.

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