police là gì

Brown also supports a decentralized, restructured police department, saying that with centralized systems, there is no accountability.

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Her father was a grocer and later a police officer.

The mob mix fire to lớn vehicles and destroyed the police station.

The police agreed to lớn allow the protest as long as it was across the street from the courthouse.

It detonates unexpectedly when the local police fire on him, vaporizing one-half of his toàn thân.

The task falls into the hands of local police and prosecutors.

There were no injuries in the overnight incident, according to lớn local police.

It wasn't unusual in those days for states to lớn take over local police.

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Locals later made her sit in an tự động hóa before she was taken to lớn the local police station for inquiry.

However, local police have denied any such incident.

A mail post and police station are also located here.

The 67 special constables were forced to lớn take shelter in the local police station for protection after 200 community members surrounded the police station.

The town hall, four churches, the water system, and the police station were destroyed, and the town's post office was swept away.

Due to lớn concerns over potential vanadalism it was instead installed outside the police station.

There is a khách sạn, a school and a police station along with several other buildings.

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