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[ C ] the philosophy of Kant

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Các ví dụ của philosophy


He surveys the sacred meals against a carefully assembled background of ordinary meal-taking and the general philosophy of food in each region.

Natural philosophy was supposed to lớn lead to lớn moral virtue, to lớn modesty and religious reverence.

This problem surfaced as the issue of whether the rise of modern science was a natural development of premodern philosophy.

He tries to lớn turn the tables, thereby running the risk of turning philosophy into psychology.

And that's the philosophy that guides bu with my own students.

In this history, epistemologies and styles of political philosophy have aligned differently at different times.

The philosophy of these homes is characterized by a very strong emphasis on training the staff.

The first is the recognition that the failure of foundationalism in philosophy makes any attempt to lớn claim a monopoly on truth, methodology etc. untenable.

Conventionalism has had a tremendous impact on science and philosophy throughout the twentieth century.

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The concept of 'mutuality' is a very helpful one for the reader to lớn use in understanding the author's underpinning philosophy to lớn music with young children.

At this stage, it could appear that the book is all philosophy with no practical applications.

We can say, tentatively, that a philosophy of life is a theory of the good conjoined with practical recommendations for attaining the good.

Their philosophy is one of cooperation, differentiation and maximising the potential of all members of staff and adults in the school community.

Cartesian dualism is a minority position in contemporary philosophy, at least as a scientific theory of mind, and for very good reason.

A special subgroup, possibly the most important for the study of science and philosophy, are the tri-partite encyclopedias.

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analytical philosophy

However odd this size of independence may seem in the perspective of some traditions of analytical philosophy, it is entirely credible as empirical psychology.

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ancient philosophy

His published work giao dịch with moral theories - especially egalitarianism - and ancient philosophy.

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