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The key factor responsible for this is the price difference between diesel and petrol.

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It must be noted that this measure would not have the desired impact as long as difference between diesel and petrol prices is significant.

The petrol station is the branded building par ex cellence, though it is hard to lớn see quite why.

Chapter 6 on volatility is not only well written, but the part about petrol shortage and near-crisis situations at the pump is also funny.

A minimum level of only 4.4 per cent, by contrast, tellingly concerned another case of transport policy - an increase in the tax on petrol.

Exhaust emissions are considerably higher from diesel-engined vehicles than thở vehicles with petrol engines.

Very soon petrol companies were building chains of standardized stations.

Of course, a petrol station, a fast-food outlet and a budget khách sạn vì thế not make a community.

She identifies conversion of petrol and diesel vehicles to lớn compressed natural gas as win-win options for consumers since they decrease pollution and save costs.

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The comparison between the petrol station and the parish church is perhaps far-fetched.

An instance of this is the use of the example of price-fixing by petrol companies in a discussion of evolutionary stable strategies in animal species.

Some participants were unable to lớn take full advantage of their cars for anything other than thở essential activities because of the high cost of petrol.

At the heart of the cluster, lượt thích a parish church in a country village, stands the petrol station.

They were worried about being 'robbed' or tricked by people (including other farmers) replacing some of the product with petrol in the bottle.

These might include ' green dollar ' schemes, guidelines on how much to lớn give, or making petrol vouchers available in more outlets.

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