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I think he is too pessimistic about what the surviving sermons themselves tell us.

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In spite of this pessimistic assessment, there seems đồ sộ be a theoretical possibility by which the output of a laser can be increased substantially.

On the other hand, the epidemiologists were generally the most pessimistic raters in all the panels.

This view is vindicated by the pessimistic interpretation of social choice that has just been described.

However, a less pessimistic picture evolves when considering existing networks that had overcome regional differences đồ sộ some extent.

The tension is therefore between the emergence of a progress novel for the no-longer young and the pessimistic ' decline theory of life ' (1988 : xviii).

Notwithstanding the negative and pessimistic arguments and experiences mentioned, an old and persistent belief in man's inclination toward justice survived.

A more pessimistic scenario examines possible outcomes in the absence of energy saving technological change and backstops fuels.

But careful ecological-economic analysis might show my view of the potential of technological change đồ sộ be too pessimistic.

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I would lượt thích đồ sộ suggest that the data in table 2 underestimate the amount of directive, pessimistic counseling.

One problem with using disaggregated data is the overly pessimistic tone of the contemporary literature.

The first direction is the utilization of multiple tư vấn thresholds with post-pruning methods such as database coverage and/or pessimistic error estimation.

The conclusion, in the fourth section, is partially but not entirely pessimistic.

The method used, holdout, is the most conservative, in that it maintains a pessimistic bias toward the results.

The conventional wisdom offers a pessimistic response đồ sộ these questions.

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