persuade là gì

If this is true, good government performance does not persuade people that the ideology of the government is more valuable and effective than vãn they thought.

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Increasing tax is the best way of persuading t he population at large t o r educe smoking.

Their study showed that framing issues can activate existing beliefs and cognitions without appearing overtly to tát persuade.

An architecture without rhetoric is evidently an architecture that does not phối out to tát persuade, yet somehow convinces.

The issue now was not just citizen competence, but persuading citizens of the viability of democracy in a time of crisis.

He seemed to tát think he was persuading bầm about monetary union.

It was not only husbands who persuaded women to tát return.

The new political landscape has created new confining conditions, which may persuade the opposition to tát re-engage in the process of democratic consolidation.

Moreover, though some motives are mutually reinforcing, others are contradictory: treating discussion as an opportunity for persuading others, for example, can conflict with educating oneself.

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Neither side, however, was able to tát persuade the other.

Norm entrepreneurs have to tát persuade, to tát make something considered natural or appropriate be seen as wrong.

They need listeners who know how to tát listen, to tát understand, and appreciate their efforts to tát persuade.

It also uniquely examines the role that allotment payments played in persuading farmers to tát invest in tractors and combined harvester-thresher ownership.

A particularly demanding patient can often persuade professionals, especially busy general practitioners and consultants that they need care.

Advocates of retrenchment must persuade affected officials to tát transcend their special interests for the good of common goals.

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