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The same sources tell us that this game caught on pretty quickly and soon became a favourite pastime of the nobility and royalty.

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Language play begins with baby-talk, blossoms with pastimes, and appears in its most sophisticated and complex khuông in literature.

It is manifest that drinking in bars is a major pastime among some foreigners.

It was a matter of being born into a family setting of musical pastimes.

Likewise, the singing of folk songs, necessarily easy to tát perform, became a very popular pastime by the over of the century.

In fact, he says, writing superfluous books is a quite harmless and permissible pastime, which should not be of concern to tát any third các buổi tiệc nhỏ.

Visiting dance halls had been a very important pastime for many older people.

Science as fashionable pastime has become a familiar theme in eighteenth-century studies.

The siting of the baths is important in the context of their role as a leisure pastime.

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Distinctive vocabularies often arise within groups engaged in a common occupation, pastime, or goal.

He details the development of the solo tuy nhiên genre into the modern practice of tuy nhiên recital, but laments its demise as an amateur pastime.

Historical reflection on modernity was not an easy intellectual pastime for writers of his time.

Furthermore, they located the pastimes they studied within a broader socioeconomic context.

Coping strategies to tát reduce expenses included engaging in cheaper or không tính phí pastimes, to tát not using the television and\or radio to tát cut the electricity bill.

Soon finding, however, that either she or the image was unreal, she turned elsewhere for better pastime.

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