pandemic là gì

Their arrival in the colony could not have been more badly timed, coinciding with the 1918 influenza pandemic.

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The extent of the public fears of such pandemics reflects a deeper absence of individual and institutional memories of similar diseases.

It is not known where in the marine environment the pandemic strains originated, where and how the serovariants emerged, and how these strains spread.

Indeed, these incongruities were sufficiently extensive to tát obscure even a pandemic of historic proportion.

In the sự kiện of a pandemic, sudden deaths from circulatory disease are likely to tát occur.

Since 1817, seven cholera pandemics have been recorded.

This group includes the viruses that are now known to tát have been present in the pandemic 1918 strain.

The pandemic elements, however, are an important part of the faunas also and enable the detailed international cor relation.

Attempts to tát stop pandemics such as cholera sometimes included enforced isolation of the diseased.

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The present pandemic has been certainly due to tát the extent of travel between the previous foci and the increase of international and local travel.

For example, neither directly addresses the biomedical models of the pandemic.

Rather, research efforts should be directed toward simpler, more effective methods of halting this pandemic.

This new pandemic has not yet been halted, and one must therefore expect that the disease will invade areas which have ví far remained uninfected.

In particular, an intensive effort is under way to tát find out how the pandemic 1918 strain caused such devastating disease.

However, her attempts at understanding the socio-political factors and context, and analysing the spread of the pandemic, are simplistic and at times uninformed.

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