outdoors là gì

Each site, whether outdoors or indoors, has differing practicalities of either restricting or encouraging access.

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Seeds are conditionally dormant at maturity, and undergo annual non-dormancy/conditional dormancy cycles when buried outdoors.

Both learning and popular culture had been oriented to tát the outside, and the continuities of the indoors and outdoors.

Finally, securing access to tát stairs and the outdoors with locks and gates should be done to tát prevent wandering of walking infants.

All the occupational injuries reported were sustained outdoors by outdoor workers and yet very few had been previously immunized.

Many remain active outdoors until this becomes impossible.

Performance was outdoors in the gallery courtyard, under a full moon.

While one of the timed walks went into an underground station and through a subway, the second remained outdoors, to tát create an acoustic disjunction.

Most of the eggs were deposited in the bark of the pine pieces, both indoors and outdoors (fig. 6).

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This flexibility in feeding preference may promote adaptation to tát the more extreme temperatures encountered outdoors.

If the child has lost his appetite, they are told to tát go outdoors to tát get it back!

Regular physical exercise, preferable outdoors, can prevent deterioration of bone mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa.

Plates were placed outdoors on an unshaded, level area adjacent to tát a pasture with cattle.

Alternatively, some career couriers are university-educated and highly employable but choose courier work for its flexibility, casual atmosphere and physical or outdoors nature.

Having conducted the experiment outdoors in the monkeys' semi-natural trang chính environment could potentially have introduced some factors influencing the animals' accuracy.

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