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Unlike those who retire on the grounds of ill health, those who take early retirement are relatively optimistic about retirement.

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Some real problems arose from high speculation from over optimistic expectations about pastoral exports potential at the time.

Optimistic (pessimistic) expectations involve a second-period equilibrium characterized by a low (high) probability of devaluation, which in turn validates the expectations.

These may be familiar messages, but it is refreshing to tướng have them communicated in such an optimistic and direct way.

Such an optimistic outlook underlay the poetic and edifying side of most physicotheological literature.

These are : confident, dynamic, adorable, entertaining, outgoing, optimistic and creative.

This was particularly the case for national prospective judgements; on average, women were much less optimistic than vãn men about the future of the national economy.

With this armament, we saw ourselves as the natural optimistic extension of our time -purveyors of medical manifest destiny.

Both participants with no prior expectations, then, emerged more optimistic.

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Given the economic instability, why is business consistently optimistic?

In the most optimistic case, with discount rate of 10% and a marginal to tướng average product ratio of 1-00, this age is 12 years.

This estimate might again be slightly optimistic due to tướng the relative homogeneity of our manually labelled data.

A more optimistic answer, however, is that despite the ongoing debate, there are a variety of architectures that constitute operational models for implemented agent languages.

The main competing tradition is social choice theory, whose proponents generally deduce far less optimistic results.

The book deliberately presented a more optimistic scenario than vãn that suggested by prevailing trends.

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