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Some of them are initially out of view from the robot on-board sensors and are discovered during the robot movement.

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The majority of autonomous walking robots moves with on-board motion generation but without remote operator guidance, and they may not follow the reference paths.

Other design requirements were that the operation had lớn be per formed in real-time and on-board the aircraft during flight.

Information is communicated through wireless modems between a host computer and the on-board computer of the mobile.

To that over, powered wheelchairs are designed by integrating an on-board computer that partially giao dịch with the steering task.

The robot uses both sparse and dense rewards during its learning and these rewards come both from on-board sensors and the monitor system.

Results obtained from diagnosing on-board faults from aircraft engines are shown which demonstrate the fusion tool's operation.

Some data processing could be done on-board individual robots, but this would make them unnecessarily complicated and expensive.

For robot soccer games, there are two teams of wheeled mobile robots embedded with local on-board intelligence.

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Its main contribution is a rapid and efficient computational method that allows path planning lớn be implemented with the limited resources on-board the vehicle.

The computation of appropriate feedback is time critical and often a limitation for making motions faster, hence demanding for high computational capacities on-board.

They can be provided from both a global monitor system and robot's on-board sensors.

A first step is the integration of an on-board power supply.

Throughout the whole operation, the robot is monitoring the ocean environment, and storing the information in its on-board computer.

This sets the context for our overall goal: lớn apply ontologies lớn improve the capabilities and performance of on-board route planning for autonomous vehicles.

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