omit là gì

However, an omitted argument cannot be recovered via its case marker because the case marker is also omitted when the argument is omitted.

We omit its proof since the proof is straightforward.

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The proof of the next result is straightforward and omitted.

The proof is relatively straightforward; we give a sketch but omit the details.

The proof of these estimates is straightforward and will be omitted.

I tasked myself not to tát make fewer phàn nàn ten a day; in the over one day had been omitted.

Reflections from long range at large angles are unlikely to tát be detected, and are omitted from the template mix.

The first 50 spontaneous and fully intelligible utterances were omitted to tát approximate warm-up periods in each sample.

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The fifth of the piece's six large movements was omitted from these performances and remains unheard at the time of writing.

The records omit 409 days away from trang chính, when conditions differed in many ways from trang chính life.

Therefore, these scores were omitted from the following analyses in order to tát present the results in the same fashion as those with the realistic objects.

Since we are going to tát consider e-jumps only here, from now on we shall omit the subscript e in the notation of the enumeration jump.

The second parameter can be omitted for simplicity from this presentation because of the limited number of events we are modelling.

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We note that the treatment of hidden types is almost identical to tát that of type parameters and sánh omit them for simplicity.

For simplicity, we omit the luminance terms; v and k are the temporal and spatial frequencies.

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