obsessed là gì

He was obsessed with posterity's verdict, with guarding and protecting his reputation.

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It argues that whereas the opposition parties were obsessed with historical precedents, the ruling tiệc nhỏ placed greater faith in manipulating its control over material resources.

The extent to lớn which aficionados are obsessed with such minute definitions is beyond imagination.

In an atelier obsessed with the human scale the physicality of this device would be inescapable.

The care of body toàn thân continues, but the individual is not obsessed with it.

In contemporary society, obsessed with time and efficiency, to lớn complete something quickly also implies completing it successfully.

The press obsessed over their ability to lớn make girls scream, but their music was written off as trivial.

Puritans, it was argued, were obsessed with extemporaneous sermons and prayers, and attached no value to lớn the outward furnishings and structures of the church.

I move to lớn consider why policemen, legal officials, journalists, and the watching public became ví apparently obsessed with make-up and its meanings.

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All obsessed with his scar on his thumb!

It is a common complaint that the trouble with atheists is that they are pathologically obsessed by something they don't even believe exists.

Most of those interviewed worked within tight time frames and appeared obsessed with time.

The corporate world has become obsessed with the idea of collaboration.

Some tend to lớn be obsessed with collecting obscure items and other rarities.

It reinterprets a traditional sườn of construction, producing a viable response in an image and profit obsessed climate of residential development.

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