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Looking time is recorded, and longer looking at the novel stimulus permits the inference that the infant has discriminated the two emotions.

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The "successful" governess, it seems, manages her pupils into "successful" betrothals - just lượt thích the marriage plot novel.

Therefore, it is possible that homonyms would be responded to tát more accurately kêu ca novel words in a task emphasizing lexical representations, such as picture naming.

Thus, changes in known lexical representations may lead to tát changes in homonym learning but not novel word learning.

These include an increased production of inhibitor-sensitive proteinases, or the synthesis of novel inhibitor-insensitive proteinases.

Although these findings are novel, they are consistent with those of related theoretical analyses.

Since these three themes were undoubtedly the most novel and potentially the most interesting, they are presented in more detail below.

Still, it may capture some novel aspects of structural technological change.

Second, training studies have manipulated exposure frequency on small sets of novel words.

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In the current study, however, the children are trained on two very distinct novel word-object combinations.

He suffers early professional setbacks but emerges triumphant by the kết thúc of the novel because he has never compromised his own individuality.

Improved comprehension of the neurobiological processes that increase risk of maladaptive development may also suggest novel targets for preventive intervention.

In a second experimental phase, all children saw a bucket containing a novel object, and two visible objects - one familiar and one novel.

In this phase, all children were presented with a familiar visible object, a novel visible object, and a bucket containing a novel object.

Surprisingly, there were no utterances in which a child combined a novel noun with another noun from her existing vocabulary.

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