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Các ví dụ của norm


The implication is not whether agents use norms, but rather which norms these are and how they are used.

Internalization, in this socialization approach, involves making external social norms internal.

There is also no evidence for success of rational norms when applied to tát real life decisions.

To some extent, linguistic focusing and diffusion are products of a society's world-view, of its beliefs about itself, of its cultural norms.

Our work together - as co-conductors rather than thở master-apprentice conductors - certainly brought into question a number of assumptions and norms from our profession.

Five children were within the lower quartile of the national norms in both follow-ups.

The present task, however, required more than thở straight word substitutions; it also required that the subjects violate a number of grammatical norms.

A challenge for the future is to tát update the instrument by developing new norms.

If other group members could never be wrong in affirming their own norms, then tolerance would be an empty virtue.

From this perspective, cultural competence in the area of informed consent requires more than thở sensitivity to tát language and social norms.

Other paradigms exist in traditions in which precision in the law is created by conversational norms.

However, each case will lead to tát a different weighting of those norms and values.

Second, it is also important to tát understand how and why particular norms emerge.

First, the moral norms of fetal personhood in a particular community must be described.

The providers of healthcare - whether physicians, drug manufacturers, or insurers - can, by contrast, be addressed straightforwardly by moral and legal norms.

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Các cụm kể từ với norm

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với norm.

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accepted norm

Any deviation from the accepted norm could seriously damage the reputation of a family.

basic norm

Free-riding on the provision of collectively enjoyed goods (including a collectively provided minimum income) is incompatible with this basic norm of co-operation for mutual advantage.

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行為準則, 規範…

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行为准则, 规范…

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