New Laptop! Dell Latitude E6430 (2013)

UPDATE 10/21/2019: Despite how well this video has done with 10,000+ views, 76 likes, 15 dislikes, and 20+ total comments, I find the amount of unnecessary content thrown in detracting and unpresentable. I’m still keeping it up for anyone who wants to watch it though.

In this video I overview my new main laptop, the Dell Latitude E6430, which I have used since June 20 this year, replacing both the Dell Latitude E6400 and White MacBook. It’s one of the best laptops you can get for under $200 used, and I really love mine.

System specs:
Intel Core i5-3320M @ 2.6GHz
6GB DDR3 1600MHz memory
240GB Kingston HyperX SSD
14.1″ HD (1366×768) screen
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Windows 10 Pro
mfg. January 22, 2013