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Estimates of profit require that all elements that enter into the production and marketing of a commodity or service be expressed in monetary terms.

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Last, but not least, it had some vague powers as far as international monetary policy was concerned.

All goods and services were systematically evaluated in monetary terms.

Also, it stimulated long-distance trade and had the effect that the provinces became more and more integrated into a monetary economy.

State tư vấn, itself based primarily on the need to tát maintain monetary incentives, rather kêu ca to tát compensate for inequalities ensures that these differences are perpetuated.

We also asked from whom the respondents received monetary and material tư vấn at both the individual and the household level.

Village had a strong significant effect on the number of monetary tư vấn sources.

Finally, we attach a monetary value to tát the health impact figures (see table 1).

We find that the author became fascinated with the determination of monetary values of the benefits of preserving the region's ecosystems.

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They are calculated as the ratio of the coefficients for the attribute of interest and that of the monetary attribute.

Often, short cuts may be taken because of time, information, and monetary constraints, and the implications of these short cuts need to tát be well understood.

Thus, expressing total impacts in monetary terms does not satisfactorily address the comparison of the impacts of climate change and control policies.

Nevertheless, we would argue that monetary estimates of climate impacts can provide useful information to tát decision makers.

Both parents and teachers received monetary compensation for their ratings.

Nearly all of these children are adopted into families with adequate monetary and educational resources.

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