mere là gì

The skill of the orchestration is such that the closing fanfare, that makes the loudest noise in the score, involves a mere 12 players.

Mere preferences independent of evaluation are excluded, although they provide goals in the ordinary sense.

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If there were no sons in the house and the heir was the eldest daughter, the marriage resulted, theoretically, in a mere reversal of roles.

Thus, instead of being a mere system mô tả tìm kiếm, an appropriately constructed dynamic model can greatly facilitate and guide the control design.

The most abstract way vĩ đại describe regularities of the physical world that are reflected in the visual system consists in pointing out mere statistical relationships.

Following this interpretation, it may be dangerous vĩ đại reject the variant reading 66° as a mere corruption.

In a series of transactions that may have taken a matter of mere days, the price per thẻ had climbed by 400 per cent.

The moral significance of the intending-foreseeing distinction requires more than vãn the mere functional role of intention and foresight.

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The last paragraph of the note had more than vãn mere formal significance.

But mere possession without a credible threat of releasing the agents will not provide the feelings of power or security.

One of the clear conclusions that emerges from this study is that spelling development is not a mere technical skill of phoneme vĩ đại grapheme conversion.

Transcending the mere extension of the senses, technology simply discloses a 'way of revealing'.

Together they emancipated the art of experiment from being a mere craft activity and endowed it with the status of a science.

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But electronic technology goes beyond mere illustration and cataloguing.

Speculative farmers hope for the occasional extraordinary profits but are deemed mere growers of necessary food.

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