luxury là gì

In 2008 plans were put forward to tướng demolish the site and build a luxury khách sạn, apartments and retail complex, none of which came to tướng fruition.

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He craves a life of indulgence and luxury, and would prefer to tướng spend his days gambling and womanising.

Additional land was bought by developers, resulting in the oval being surrounded by luxury condos.

Meanwhile, several luxury condominiums now stand or are under construction where immigrant families once shared quarters in cramped tenement buildings.

In developing countries, some low-end products may be considered high-end or even luxury items.

Here luxuriant trees are always in their prime pomegranates and pears, and apples glowing red, succulent figs and olives swelling sleek and dark.

Decorated internally and externally with stalactites and originally equipped with waterworks and luxuriant vegetation, the fountain is divided into three main sections.

By it the young man found a place with a luxuriant growth of trees and a hill nestling under the mass of the overhanging mountain.

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The flower consists of a small tan tube from which protrudes a long, plumelike style covered in luxuriant tan hairs.

The countryside, already attractive, was enhanced by planting a luxuriant pine wood around a small lake.

I didn't come here to tướng live in luxury.

This budget has allowed him to tướng travel in lavish luxury, live in luxury government accommodation, and pay for staff, cars, and secretaries for his wives and family.

He said the rulers wanted the masses to tướng pay taxes and utilities bills ví that they (rulers) could live in luxuries.

Why bởi students feel they have to tướng be living in luxury?

The ruling elite was answerable to tướng people and courts and were not supposed to tướng live in luxury.

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