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All these systems required the construction of roads and the deployment of timber lorries.

I was shown two places where forest had been cleared, and the tyretracks of large lorries that led away from these sites.

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At 1930 prices, bullock carts worked out much cheaper than vãn motor lorries, both in terms of initial and recurring costs.

Which lorry did the thief crash the very heavy xế hộp into late last night?

Which lorry did the thief crash his xế hộp into late last night?

Transportation and distribution are carried out by ships, trains, lorries and barges.

Consider a lorry in the middle lane of a motorway moving vĩ đại the inside lane as a xế hộp approaches from behind.

A tout whose duty is vĩ đại help load passenger vehicles at lorry stations.

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Some accounts describe merchants arriving with their own lorries vĩ đại immediately reload the relief commodities.

The refuse was removed by sweepers as quickly as possible, using carts and lorries.

From the market (commercial) point of view, people want vĩ đại come and collect in one lorry, its not enough.

To the driver of the xế hộp, the driver of the lorry is being cooperative.

Trains and lorries eventually took the cargoes away from the river but industries still line its banks.

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In some cases, tanks and lorry parts were produced alternately on the same production line.

Other children sometimes identified this same sound as a lorry or a truck.

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