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In every case, the voice is closest to tướng the signified, whether it is determined strictly as sense (thought or lived) or more loosely as thing.

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All of these processes combine to tướng produce a particular sườn of language, what we can loosely call" academic language".

Hold them loosely in each hand with the long arms straight ahead.

More often the model underpins his work in revue where the accumulation of loosely interconnected sketches is the premise of the entertainment's sườn.

When the term is used this loosely, there appears to tướng have been no over of 'proto-industrial' regions.

Only a large cất cánh window at first floor level was elaborated more loosely.

In other words, the view through the window is not bare but 'dressed' in a loosely woven veil regulating its transcription.

The second half of the book cites examples of buildings and projects, loosely involving some kind of core design.

Especially the comments, which follow a consensus document on which all participants agreed, hardly sườn more phàn nàn a quarry of only loosely connected ideas.

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I feel swearing is only loosely linked to tướng so sánh called 'class'.

Loosely speaking, the evolution of the solution occurs in two steps.

Loosely, the principle of independence says that only the outcomes that distinguish two lotteries are relevant to tướng the decision to tướng be taken.

The diverse mix of crops that loosely define horticulture is reflected in the collection of 15 chapters that làm đẹp this book.

All three could loosely be termed 'tests of musical ability', but what might these tests tell us about the nature of musical intelligence?

The bacteria are loosely packed with traces of extracellular material between the individual cells.

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