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The positive return of 12 is implicitly distributed to tát the cohort whose initial pension was calculated on the basis of the previous life expectancy.

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In addition, increases in religiosity were predicted by lower perceived life expectancy, and increases in spirituality were predicted by higher negative affect.

For instance, better information would be provided about life expectancy and the liên kết between work and retirement income.

Because their saving rate is exogenous, and they ignore the positive effect on savings deriving from a higher life expectancy.

Moreover, this problem will grow worse for exogenous reasons as life expectancy expands and for endogenous reasons as it encourages early retirement without penalty.

Many young people try to tát master the new technology to tát improve the life expectancy of these apparatuses.

The paper has also presented evidence from a variety of sources to tát show that improvements in height are directly related to tát improvements in life expectancy.

Table 4 shows the female-to-male ratios of average life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, and the percentage of life expectancy as healthy.

As far as we know, mean life expectancy was remarkably low compared with that of modern times, only 20-25 years.

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Low life expectancy had clearly made this type of family difficult to tát achieve in former times.

Dommen (1980), for example, finds that crude death rates are significantly lower on islands, resulting in longer life expectancy.

This means that in year 15 the remaining life expectancy would be used instead of just the single year under consideration.

In addition, every bearing has its own permissible tốc độ limitation defined by the manufacturer and its own life expectancy according to tát the working environment.

The longer the estimated life expectancy of the patient, the greater the need to tát strive for cure rather than thở palliation.

In many developed and developing countries, life expectancy has greatly increased over the last two decades.

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