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The laughter produced by this reading may not be merely the laughter of aggression, but also the laughter of assertion.

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Such uses, though, were characteristically marked as different from the others by hesitation and laughter, especially among the four-year-olds.

Nevertheless, we cannot read this restorative laughter as a return vĩ đại some pure game.

Human laughter would seem vĩ đại require the obliteration of a something or somebody, not merely vĩ đại be derided but vĩ đại be laughed out of existence.

Why does music move us vĩ đại tears or laughter?

The positive affect scale ranged from positive interest vĩ đại squeals of laughter.

Activities disrupted very passive situations, prompted people into action, into relating with each other, producing laughter, silliness and even pride.

Although most laughter results from physical tương tác such as tickling, it also occurs during chasing play.

In other words, unlike the norm for humans, chimpanzees breathe in and out as they produce a breathy, panting laughter.

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As in speech, humans modulate an outward breath vĩ đại produce the sounds of laughter.

The characteristics of laughter in chimpanzees point vĩ đại a critical constraint on the evolution of speech and language in the great apes.

Essential insights come from the comparative analysis of laughter.

She judged it 'absolutely impossible: there were six different types of laughter in a row', but nevertheless did what she could.

The strength of the work lies in historically reconstructing the gestural languages of laughter and weeping as conventional stage business.

However, her opposition is embedded in laughter, and we can see the other two girls disattending vĩ đại her objection.

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