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Ironically, the shrill partisanship of contemporary politics, which has energized the field, may also limit its scope.

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Ironically, at the same time that this trend was emerging, the substantial efficacy of behavioral and psychological treatments for sleep disorders was also being documented.

Ironically, her writings highlight a disenfranchisement of women that fails to tát tài khoản for the professional success that she personally enjoyed.

Ironically, even though the taxonomy is segmented into elementary categories, it is difficult to tát find an approach based on these in many produced works.

In addition, the reflexive acknowledgement of context in archaeology tends to tát be ironically shallow in historical terms.

Ironically, however, the graphics community has vastly eclipsed that of "design and manufacturing" in its ability phối metrics for itself and achieve them.

Ironically, these threats have not come from organized democratic forces the regime guards against most intently, but from organized criminals.

For widows, the patriarchal authority held by their husbands seemed, ironically, to tát become even more pronounced after their husband's deaths.

The social and psychological consequences of consumerism are, as we have seen, a conformity and passivity that is ironically experienced as individuality and freedom.

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Ironically, among atmosphere, crust and mantle, the largest reservoir (interior) is the least defined.

Therefore, each technologically crafted cry and artificially extended joyous moan ironically testifies to tát the unavoidable and primitive dictates of human physiology.

Ironically, many of the writers discussed in the essay were motivated by opposition to tát nationalism - the nationalism of the state.

Perhaps ironically, the author's commentary and explanation, in psychosocial terms, of her casework examples, could have been more extensive.

Perhaps ironically, these processes themselves constrain evolutionary outcomes.

The perceived legitimacy of this representation, ironically, depended on the official recognition of the colonial state.

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