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The treatment is done first on the intuitive level.

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In addition, we introduced an alternative definition for update programs that is equivalent, yet more concise and intuitive.

Secondly, rules that may lead to tát counter-intuitive results are explicitly removed.

The evident character of intuitive knowledge contrasts with the impossibility of passing this knowledge on or of explaining it.

In section 3, we first provide an intuitive explanation of our algorithm and continue with a discussion at a more detailed level.

First, the derivation of the cover-adjusted expansion estimator has clear intuitive appeal, as opposed to tát previous bias-correction estimators which were purely technical in nature.

An unexpected result of the tree-ring analyses was the counter-intuitive patterns of runs of slow and fast years of growth.

An intuitive way to tát see this is to tát consider the color categories reported for the gray samples.

The sequence of positions in the abysmal container of intuitive space, far from creating the idea of infinite, constitutes an almost puerile delusion of impotence.

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The gap between the intuitive decision and the reasoned opinion provided by a different judge is immaterial.

Apart, that is, from a desire to tát construct a theory that fits the appearances of intuitive reactions to tát concretely described examples.

An intuitive explanation can be given in terms of the influences of the spatial frequencies of the visual stimulus on neural activity during oculomotor behavior.

The intuitive approach, combining syntax and prosodic factors, is surely right, but this is ultimately a rather stipulative way of tackling it.

First, the operation in manual mode is intuitive, and it would be almost impossible to tát ascertain stability on climbing and descent.

She argues that treating subordinate clauses as independent units ("utterances") yields counter-intuitive topic transitions.

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