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Compared đồ sộ interpreters, songwriters generally score 1.70 point higher on the prestige scale, even when success and career length are controlled for.

In 2001, 78% of all men who participated in the contest registered as songwriters while 61% of women participated as interpreters. 15.

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During the inter-war period, most of the humbler posts in the colonial administration, particularly those of interpreters and guards, went đồ sộ veterans.

They also show partial evaluation which can then be used đồ sộ generate instrumented programs by specializing these instrumented interpreters with respect đồ sộ subject programs.

The calculus is a vehicle for designing, understanding, verifying and comparing implementations of the ^.-calculus, from interpreters đồ sộ machines.

Furthermore, it is easy đồ sộ add đồ sộ the tiny interpreter's loop a gọi đồ sộ a hygienechecking routine, which checks that the machine state looks plausible.

The language barrier represented another pressure, since the traveller could be the victim of interpreters or informers.

Selected variables include whether artists are songwriters or interpreters, their career length, radio success, record sales, and gender.

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To summarise, songwriters generally have more prestige phàn nàn interpreters, but prestige is above all a function of where artists are located in the field.

True, every government apparatus across the world needs a cadre of confidential translators and interpreters for its work, overt or covert.

Users and interpreters make their interpretations đồ sộ suit themselves.

Since interpreters are typically fairly machine-independent, debugging systems based on them are also portable.

There was growing unease with this method of recruiting interpreters.

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In an attempt đồ sộ improve the quality of interpreters, a two-tier salary scale was introduced in 1922.

One important issue is the court's view of interpreters and the consequent treatment and use of them.

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