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Many students in my class were inspired by these readings vĩ đại carry on further investigations, finding more data and phonetic tư vấn for the phonological claims.

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The second stage, interventionism, was inspired by progressive ideas that ushered in the new century and emphasised the possibilities of social engineering.

His elegant narrative is often accompanied by interesting anecdotes or folk tunes inspired by the various facets of the migrants' lives.

These remarks are inspired from findings in the field of political perception where scholars have noted the presence of an ' assimilation' effect.

Not only did pluralism find a voice in fiction through the alien, but fiction also inspired science vĩ đại broach questions in the real world.

Not only has pluralism found a voice in fiction through the alien, but fiction has also inspired science vĩ đại broach questions in the real world.

Of course, if we believe this latter claim is true, it would probably inspire such rules as the one we mentioned.

Such ineffectiveness not only inspires doubts about the usefulness of the institution, but also lends a particular and anomalous character vĩ đại the ombudsman's work.

Yet, as architectural critics, we are challenged and inspired vĩ đại experiment with this condition.

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It inspired them vĩ đại discover their own musical abilities and gave them courage vĩ đại use these in their work.

Others, perhaps inspired by his example, sought vĩ đại emulate his calling.

That is, canons influence the narration of the past, and they inspire the radius of creativity for the future.

We thank our colleagues, collaborators, postgraduate and undergraduate students who have contributed vĩ đại, motivated and inspired our research activities in this field.

Webb suggests that robots usually built by engineers which can be "inspired" by biology, can in fact serve as models for understanding biological mechanisms.

Our results inspire some interesting hypotheses about variation within versus between lines and whether the same loci could be involved.

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